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Positions Open in Denver/Englewood as well as Colorado Springs and Cheyenne.

“Pulling and installing pre-terminated fiber in a data center.  Other duties include pulling and terminating Category 5e and 6
cables.  Testing will be done with a Fluke DTX.  Long pants, boots, tools and the ability to pass a background and drug
screen.  Entry Level, Mid-Level as well as experienced BICSI certified technician welcomed.  Pay rate based on
experience.  This is a temporary position with the ability to go permanent based on performance.”

Please contact: Trevar Ondiek
Telephone #: 240-238-1968




Techs in Florida and Texas - Needed Immediately

TechLink Services is looking for fiber optic trained and ready
telecommunications technicians in Texas and Florida.  Installation projects to
begin immediately.  Please call Bobby at (402) 261-2456

Bobby Kelley
Office: 828-348-0258
Direct: 402-261-2456

5 Techs Needed in Camarillo/Thousand Oaks, CA for FiOS Contractor!
We are seeking full-time, experienced fiber splicers to maintain and expand the
Verizon FiOS network.

Primary responsibilities for this position:
Splicing fiber optic cable using single and mass fusion equipment.
Testing using a OTDR , power meter and light source, light identifier.
Maintain existing plant without causing signal failure interruptions.
Maintain project tracking information (production sheets, time sheets and
customer required paperwork)
Maintain a safe work environment.

Contact David Pahia -- (714)-615-4671

David Pahia
GSI Field Supervisor
Gulbranson Services Inc.
14369 Park Ave Suite 201B
Victorville, Ca. 92392