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Listed September 30, 2016

Onepath is hiring for an exciting new opportunity
in the Charlotte area providing a high quality customer service experience for residential installation of
data premise solutions!


Broadband Technician

The Broadband Technician will work both inside and outside the home and is responsible for the
installation, service, and customer experience of the new Broadband integrated digital TV and high speed
Internet services.  This individual should be customer focused and committed to ensuring the highest
degree of end-user satisfaction, as well as being well versed in the fundamentals of residential customer
wiring and installation.


•        High School Diploma or Equivalent.
•        Knowledge of installation and handling of Fiber & COAX cable of various sizes and types.
•        Experience with routers and home networking and configuration of computers.
•        Ability to perform various tests such as signal strength, speed tests, and cable toning and the
ability to work within attics and place wiring between walls.  
•        Must possess a strong commitment to customer service and an enthusiastic demeanor.
•        Background Check, Drug Testing and clean driving record. Technician - Charlotte

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