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TITLE:  Outside Plant Fiber Splicing Technician II
DEPARTMENT:  Outside Plant Fiber Splicing
SUPERVISOR: Outside Plant Fiber Splicing Supervisor
SUMMARY OF RESPONSIBILITIES:   Perform various duties as instructed within the network with regards to outside plant construction, restoration, preventive
maintenance, facility locating, customer service drops and record keeping.

1.        Must be able to read splicing records and splice fiber as directed by supervisor.
2.        Must have a functioning knowledge of testing and troubleshooting fiber optic.
3.        Must be able to make as needed changes and document test results.
4.        Must be able to read engineering drawings and correlate them to physical plant.
5.        Must be able to assist in physical cable placement.
6.        Must assist in the coordination OSP extensions and coordinate with other departments.
7.        Perform detailed visual inspection of OSP construction to determine quality of work being performed and that it meets the company’s standards.
8.        Other tasks or duties as assigned.

1.        Responsible for maintaining existing fiber routes and facility locates as directed.
2.        Responsible for maintaining all OSP equipment, i.e. fusion splicer, trailers, vehicles.
3.        Will complete no less than 2 trainings classes per year as and when required.

High School diploma or equivalent required.  US Dept of Labor approved technical certification in fiber optics preferred.    Must have at least 2 years work
experience related to the telecommunications industry with a focus on fiber optic splicing and testing.  Must have a working knowledge of all types of outside
plant construction.  Must possess a high degree of interpersonal skills.  Travel required.

Must be able to perform all physical and mental job requirements with or without reasonable accommodation, including driving, moving heavy weights (up to 50
lbs.), distinguishing the fiber optic color code, bending, crawling, working in confined spaces, climbing, working on overhead equipment, use hand tools and
specialized equipment, walking , standing, working in hot or cold and wet conditions.

Note:  This is a brief description of the Outside Plant Technician’s responsibilities and is not limited to those described herein.  Management retains the right to
add, delete or modify any of these responsibilities at any time during employment.                                                              
                                                                                                                                          Revised 7/3/14 MT
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