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8.) Ask for the job!
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Bogart with Electrical Contractor Listings

Listed 10/19/2015
Job Requirements:
•        experience terminating fiber and cable
•        know cable routing pathways

Job Day to Day:
You will be pulling, installing, and terminating different types of cable.

Danielle Carlson
Associate Recruiter

Direct: 980.819.0378 | Cell: 516.603.7574 | Web Site   
550 S. Caldwell Street, Ste. 725  | Charlotte, NC 28202

Listed 10/15/2015
Job ID # 6910
Job Title: Fiber Optic

Employer Name:  American CAble Services

Hours/Week: Varies

Wage/Salary: $18/hr (Start)

Job Description: Able to work with optical fibers and cable.  Must be able to Splice Fibers and install underground
and different parts of buildings.  Also be able to test fibers.

Qualifications/Requirements: High School Gradueate.  Must be able to be on call.  Some traveling and overtime is

How to apply: Email Resume to:

Fiber Tech Jobs - 200 openings in FL/GA/CA/NE Now - nationwide soon (9/15)

Deep Fiber Solutions, Inc. (DFS) offers a new patented method of easily removing the dielectric and center conductor of a hardline coax
cable.  A biodegradable soap solution is injected into the coax under pressure.  This fluid compresses the foam core, breaking it from
the shield and pushes it out the far end.  The remaining aluminum shield is cleaned and then used as a conduit or micro-duct for
installing fiber optic micro cable.

Watch the video here.

Unlike costly conventional construction methods, the DFS method doesn’t require digging, trenching and boring and restoration, thus
avoiding impacts to customer landscaping, lawns, and other utilities including water, power and gas lines.  DFS provides turnkey fiber
optic network design, field engineering and construction services that leverages the benefits of Fiber Construction in Core Ejected
Coax technology at a fraction of conventional underground construction costs.

We are hiring! Become a part of the most advanced Fiber Optic Construction Solution. Nationwide Opportunities Include:

•    Technicians
•    Crew Managers
•    Field Engineering Manager
•    Electrical Engineer
•    Designers
•    Fiber Splicers
•    And More

All of our employees enjoy:

•    Outstanding Benefits
•    Company - matched 401k
•    Profit -sharing plan
•    Paid vacation
•    Competitive Wages
•    Unlimited growth potential & career advancement
•    Much, much more!

Email your resume to

For more information go to

Deep Fiber Solutions is an Equal Opportunity Employer


California (9/2015)

AT&T is recruiting OSP techs in California.

Go to for a listing of openings in CA.

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